CleanMax is a range of patented formulations developed 10 years ago by European chemists and scientists. etc… It has been sold in Europe for more than 10 year as an industrial and professional grade cleaning product with outstanding results.


All CleanMax products are :

– Biodegradable
– VOC free
– Non flammable
– Has a surfactant effect
– Solvent, acid and ammonia free


CleanMax product range is the following :

CleanMax Concentrate: Multi surface detergent
CleanMax Boating: Multi surface detergent
CleanMax 6004: Rust and Scale Remover
CleanMax 1922: Antibacterial Detergent
Sanimex: Biological Cleaner & Deodorizer
Mexodor: Active Biological Deodorizer
Biopet: Urine odor remover